Student Leadership

Student Leadership

At Carlisle Adventist Christian College all students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills in order to support fellow students and to benefit the wider community. Opportunities to develop these qualities are provided through a range of learning experiences as well as student leadership roles such as school captain, sports captain and student representative council (SRC).

Student Representatives and Captains are expected to be ambassadors who embody the school values and school mottos. Their duties range from public speaking at school events to active involvement in school activities, and encouraging the involvement of other students. School leaders are elected by the student body to represent them and act as an organisational team representing all students.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) meets regularly to raise issues of student concern. The SRC also organises, leads and budgets for charity and school events throughout the year.

School Captains are the most significant student leaders in the school. School Captains are expected to take an active role in all aspects of the school community. They must be approachable, reliable and trustworthy, and their duties involve communication with staff and students and public speaking at school events. School Captains must be positive role models for all students with regards to behaviour and presentation.

The Role of a Sports Captain is to encourage all students to participate in House activities. They must be approachable and reliable and demonstrate enthusiasm for their House, thereby encouraging students to get involved in a range of school activities such as Athletics and Swimming carnivals.

Student Representative Council (SRC)


Sports Captains